My Obsession with Hallmark Movies

I thoroughly enjoy Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.  My spouse was out of town weeks at a time leading up to Christmas last year and for months afterwards.  As soon as my little ones were in bed, I would plop on the sofa and settle in for two hours of sappy romance often set inside Macy’s Santaland.  I watched so many.

On more than one occasion, a kid would wonder downstairs and find me viewing The Nine Lives of Christmas starring the dreamy Brandon Routh. (He plays a fireman. Enough said.)  Others I’ve seen: A Cookie Cutter Christmas, Christmas Incorporated, Christmas at Cartwright’s, Ice Sculpture Christmas, A Wish for Christmas, Hats off to Christmas, A Holiday Engagement, Matchmaker Santa, and Help for the Holidays.  The list goes on and on. Are these great movies? Depends on your perspective.

I enjoy them.  I can relax.  I don’t have to think too much.  I feel good afterwards.  And at the end of a long day, that’s exactly what I want.

If I feel a little silly or guilty while watching, I row or do Pilates (I’ve done this video so many times, I have it memorized). Most nights, I drink a little wine or tea. and eat some chocolate.  It’s kind of a joke in our home.  My two teenagers tease me a little, but watch some with me too.  My husband is good to call during a commercial break or after the movie ended – could he be watching them while travelling?

Another thing I love about Hallmark’s movies, is some of them are set near Seattle.  Most are shot in various Canadian locations.  However, the Seattle skyline and Space Needle are frequently featured in the flicks. There is something about ‘seeing’ the very places you’ve lived and visited in a movie.  Christmas with Holly includes a scene on a what’s supposed to be a WSDOT ferry bound for Friday Harbor. Just the Way You Are (not a Christmas movie, but still Hallmark) mentions Bainbridge Island.  My son went to high school there!

I moved to Norway in July.  I no longer have access to the Hallmark Channel.  I pouted for a few days, until I discovered Netflix offers some Hallmark movies.  I’ve already watched A Royal Christmas, Once Upon a Holiday, and A Cookie Cutter Christmas last week.  You can bet I’ll be watching more…just after the kids are on the school bus and I’ve walked the dogs.  I might workout while watching or design my next, great gingerbread house.  Alas, The Nine Lives of Christmas, is not available on Netflix…yet.  YouTube has some titles. And for the motherload, Amazon Prime Video has over 80 videos for rent or purchase. My holiday season is saved!!

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