January should be Moms-be-good-to-yourselves Month

A friend recently posted about her post-holiday blues on Facebook.  I’ve languished in this weird funk. I have had the uneasy feeling of needing to do more, the nagging feeling of needing to do something (especially as I sit watching my third Gilmore Girl episode in a row).

I have put away the stockings, ornaments, and holiday wrapping paper.  My cupboards are no longer bursting with large quantities of sweets and savories only purchased this time of year.  Toys have been relocated somewhere other than the living room.  A few thank you cards have been attempted.  There is finally less clutter, fewer engagements, and not a whole lot I have to do.

My friend was feeling restless.  Her wheels had been spinning for months and then there was nothing she had to do. She felt compelled to stay busy.  Her productivity level was way, way up and she was having trouble letting it come back down to a more normal, less-stressful level. Her post-holiday agenda included organizing the house, cleaning the refrigerator, closets and carpets, scanning photos.  She planned to hit the gym 5 days and week and walk her dog more.  She wondered if she was the only one feeling this way?

All who responded to her post agreed to feeling melancholy and searching for goals and projects. We do so much in preparation for the holidays, during the multiple festivities, and then clean-up the aftermath.  I say we have done enough!  I decided to reply to her post and wanted to share it here.

I responded, ‘Melancholy. Yes. I still have my tree up. 

‘After months of activity (start of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the high amount of stress, sugar, and alcohol December brings), there is a let down in January[…]

‘I think January should be full of massages, pedicures, and debt-forgiveness[…]

‘I’m trying to give myself permission to do nothing now. Watch movies, eat cookies, nap, and plan my half-birthday. The clothes, pictures, clutter will be there in February or in June. January should be Moms-be-good-to-yourselves Month. We deserve a break. You deserve a break, my [friend].’

And there it is. Permission to do nothing.  Permission to do something else. We do a lot. We do what needs to be done.  We take care of our responsibilities and we do things for others. We set the bar high. We deserve a break. You deserve a break, my friend.

By the way, my tree IS still up.

Look at my new table lamp!


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